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PMS Preparation

Provincial Management Services (PMS/PCS) Sindh

The Provincial Management Service (PMS) examination of Sindh, commonly referred to as Provincial Civil Services (PCS) and officially named as Combined Competitive Examinations, is a prestigious exam conducted by the Sindh Public Service Commission (SPSC) to select the competent and capable candidates for the positions of BPS-16 & 17 officers of executive cadre in the provincial government. The test is designed in such a way as to recruit officers with good knowledge, abilities, and problem-solving skills. The successful individuals who get allocation are entrusted with key positions of administration to play an important role in the governance and development of the Sindh province.

Eligibility to Apply

The candidates should meet the following criteria before applying for the examination.


A candidate should be a Pakistani national.


The candidates must have domicile and permanent residency or Sindh.


A candidate should be between 21 and 30 years of age. In this case, the upper age limit is allowed to candidates from scheduled castes (1 year) and government servants having 4 years of continuous service (plus 5 years or 35 years of age).


The minimum educational requirement is graduation from a recognized university.

Descriptive Examination

Compulsory & Optional Subjects

According to the revised syllabus introduced by SPSC with the approval of the Sindh government, the written examination would include 6 compulsory papers of 600 marks and 4 optional papers of 400 marks. The details of the subjects are given below.

The following 6 Compulsory Subjects (600 Marks) are introduced:

Code No. Subject Marks
1 English Essay 100
2 English (Précis & Composition) 100
3 General Paper in Sindhi OR General Paper in Urdu 100
4 Current Affairs & Pakistan Affairs 100
5 General Science & Ability 100
6 Islamic Studies OR Comparative Study of Major Religions (For no-Muslims) 100

The candidates have to select Optional Papers for 400 marks from among the following groups. Only one paper is to be selected for a single group.

Group I
Code No. Subject Marks
7 Accounting & Auditing 200
8 Economics 200
9 Computer Science 200
10 Political Science 200
11 International Relations 200
Group II
Code No. Subject Marks
12 Physics 100
13 Chemistry 100
14 Applied Mathematics 100
15 Pure Mathematics 100
16 Statistics 100
17 Geology 100

Group III
Code No. Subject Marks
18 Business Administration 100
19 Public Administration 100
20 Governance & Public Policies 100
21 Town Planning & Urban Management 100
Group IV
Code No. Subject Marks
22 History of Pakistan & India 100
23 Islamic History & Culture 100
24 European History 100
25 History of USA 100

Group V
Code No. Subject Marks
26 Gender Studies 100
27 Environmental Sciences 100
28 Agriculture & Forestry 100
29 Botany 100
30 Zoology 100
31 English Literature 100
32 Urdu Literature 100
33 Zoology Sindhi Literature
Group VI
Code No. Subject Marks
34 Law 100
35 Constitutional Law 100
36 International Law 100
37 Mercantile Law 100
38 Muslim Law & Jurisprudence 100
39 Criminology 100
40 Philosophy 100

Group VII
Code No. Subject Marks
41 Journalism & Mass Communication 100
42 Psychology 100
43 Geography 100
44 Anthropology 100

Passing Requirements

A candidate has to secure at least 33% marks in each paper and the aggregate of marks should be 50% or above of the total marks of the written examination.

Process after the Written Exam—Interviews

The individuals who pass the written examination will appear before a committee of interviewers for the interview. The questions asked would be based on the candidates’ academics, subjects studied for the exam, and the general interest of the interviewers. No candidate shall be deemed to have passed the viva voce or interview if he/she fails to get at least 33% marks in it. If he/she fails to do so or remains absent from the interview, he/she will be considered failed in the process of selection.

Announcement of Final Merit List

After the declaration of the final result, the candidates are appointed as Gazetted Offers. They undergo training in the civil service academies, and on successful completion of the training they are posted to various posts of Grade-17. The training is designed to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to make them able to discharge their duties in an effective and efficient manner


In conclusion, the PMS of Sindh is a competitive and prestigious examination conducted to fill posts of the upper cadre of the executive bureaucracy of the province. The level of difficulty is not less than that of the other competitive examinations held by various Public Service Commissions in Pakistan. The successful candidates serve in the key positions in the provincial administration of Sindh.