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Interview Preparation


Interview is a crucial and decisive part of the recruitment process. It involves a structured conversation between the candidate and an employer, or a panel of individuals from the employing agency. Interviews provide the employer with an opportunity to have a deeper assessment and evaluation of the candidate’s qualifications, experience, knowledge, skills, attitude, character, and personality, as well as their career goals, interpersonal skills, and strengths and weaknesses. Non-verbal cues such as body language, eye contact, and confidence are also taken into consideration. The primary aim of an interview is to determine whether the persons being interviewed are a good fit for their aspired positions. Understandably, the interview process can be nerve-wracking for aspiring candidates but proper preparation for the interview can help to cast a positive impression on the interview panel and increase the chances of success.

Interview Preparation Sessions Offered by Al-Aziz Institute

At Al-Aziz Institute, we understand that interviews are a challenging aspect of the recruitment process, requiring systematic preparation. Keeping that in mind, we offer a comprehensive coaching program for candidates who have qualified for the exam. Our interview preparation sessions have the following outstanding features:

  • Comprehensive Interview Coaching Program
  • Instructions on Strategies and Techniques
  • Compulsory Mock Interviews
  • Gradual Mock Interview Practices
  • Personalized Guidance and Feedback
  • Building Confidence