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Evaluation & Mock Exams

Evaluations & Mock Tests/E-Mock Tests:

Evaluations & Mock Tests/E-Mock Tests tend to be conducted in order to prepare the aspirants for the examination and evaluation. At Al-Aziz Academy for CSS & PMS (ACP), special focus is to be given to conducting tailored assignments, quizzes, tutorial sessions, and then mockup tests for the benefit of aspirants.

Our experienced instructors conduct tailored assignments, quizzes, tutorial sessions, and full-length mock tests to give students the best possible preparation for their exams. These tests are conducted via Zoom meetings, which allows students to participate from anywhere with an internet connection.

Evaluations Benefits

Improve Weakness

Simulate exam environment, familiarizing with test format and time limits.

Boosts Confidence

Reduce test anxiety and increase confidence level.

E-Mock Tests

  • Assignments
  • Quizzes
  • Tutorial Sessions
  • Mock Tests